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Cats fountain drinker with smart sensor: PurrAqua

Cats fountain drinker with smart sensor: PurrAqua

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Provide your cat with constant access to clean and fresh water with the pet drinker PurrAqua fountain. This innovative fountain features a smart sensor that automatically monitors the water level and maintains it at an optimal level. With a capacity of 3.2 litres (108 ounces) and silent operation, your cat will always have access to clean water.

PurrAqua is easy to maintain and user-friendly, thanks to its durable construction made of high-quality material. Ensure your pet's comfort and health care with pet automatic drinker PurrAqua. 

Since it is made of stainless steel, no bacteria will accumulate on the surface and your pet won't develop allergies either.
It comes with a basic set of replacement filters, and you can also order an additional set from our online store

You can also find filters for this product Filters for fountain: cats fountain drinker PureClean in our store

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